This Buyer's Guide to Monarch Grand Vacations by Pacific Monarch was written by Happy Owners to help buyers make an intelligent decision when purchasing a Monarch Timeshare. This Guide will also help you understand how Pacific Monarch Timeshares work. The guide is broken into three parts: Critical Issues, Different Monarch Ownerships & Programs, and How It Works.

Critical Issues

Timeshare’s are a complicated product. You have deeded weeks, fractionals, memberships, right to use, and points based ownerships. Each timeshare has its own unique set of benefits aside from just timesharing (airline tickets, all inclusive, extra stays, bonus time, bonus weeks, travel clubs, day use, etc.). The market for timeshare is constantly changing and volatile. For these reasons, and for the following, it is best to purchase from an experienced Real Estate Broker.
1. There are different kinds of Monarch Timeshares and they work differently. Many Owners are not familiar with the different Monarch Timeshares and sometimes advertise them without letting potential buyers know the difference. This is not intentional in most cases, but it does happen regularly. An experienced Broker will verify the Ownership with Pacific Monarch directly to ensure you get the Monarch Timeshare you want. 
2. Happy Owners employs licensed Real Estate Brokers who specialize in Monarch Timeshares
3. Since the Timeshare has been properly verified, you can be assured that the listing is accurate.
4. You are making an important purchase. You want to be sure that the Transfer of Ownership is done correctly and legally. 

Different Monarch Ownerships & Programs

Aside from the above sales pitch, there are some real concerns that you need to know about. Most importantly, the different kinds of Monarch Timeshares. Here they are:
1. Monarch Grand Vacations (this is what most buyers are looking for). This is a Points based membership that can be used at all Monarch Resorts. You can choose the size unit you need, you can choose the length of stay (one day or 10 days), and you can choose any Monarch resort you like (9 resorts). You can make a different choice each time you use the ownership. This membership is into perpetuity (you own it forever). You will also have use of any resort that is added to the Monarch Grand Vacations network in the future. 
2. Deeded Points. This is a deeded week at one resort which is expressed in Points. It almost sounds like a Monarch Grand Vacations membership. However, it is different. You can split up your time, but only in the home resort where it is deeded. If you want to go into any other Monarch resort you would have to trade your deeded week using Interval International. You are limited to a like (same size and season) week. You cannot split the week up when you trade it. You are able to upgrade this ownership to the Monarch Grand Vacations membership, but it usually costs a couple of thousand dollars to do so. 
3. Deeded Weeks. These are the oldest type of Monarch timeshares. Calling them a Monarch timeshare is not correct, they are actually called Pacific Monarch (Pacific Monarch is the developer of Monarch Grand Vacations). They are the traditional timeshare weeks where you own at one resort. You cannot split up the week at your home resort and if you want to go elsewhere you need to trade using Interval International.

How It Works

The reality of the marketplace is that most buyers only want the pure Points based Memberships, the Monarch Grand Vacations (MGV) timeshares. This Guide will focus on how that works. Please be aware that this is simply a Guide and is subject to change.

Every Monarch Timeshare ownership has an anniversary date when the Points are awarded and they are awarded every two years. For example if the anniversary date is April 1st and was purchased in an even year, then every even year, on April 1st, the Points are renewed. That is, a new set of Points are awarded April 1, 2008; April 1, 2010; April 1, 2012; April 1, 2014; and so forth - forever.

The Points must be used within two years of being awarded. So, for example, if your Points were renewed on April 1, 2008, you must use them by March 31, 2010. On March 31, 2010 the Points expire and are lost forever. You may extend their life, so to speak, by booking a week before they expire and giving that week to Interval International (the trading company associated with MGV). Interval will then give you up to two years from the date your deposited week starts to request a week in their system. However, please note that your ability to trade is vastly improved if you deposit early and request well in advance.

Many buyers ask how many weeks will their Points get them. This depends on how those Points are used. MGV allows you to choose which resort you would like to visit (some resorts require more Points than others), which size unit you need (a one bedroom, in general, uses fewer Points than a two bedroom), when you want to go (high season uses more Points than low season and a Saturday uses more Points than a Tuesday), and how long you want to stay (longer stay uses more Points). MGV Points are quite stable, but Point values are determined by the Association that governs MGV. The Association could change the Point values. The following is a guideline (but keep in mind they could change). It is accurate as of August 1, 2006.

133 POINTS (One Week, One Bedroom, Cancun Resort in Las Vegas)

155 POINTS (One Week, Two Bedroom, Cancun Resort in Las Vegas)

288 POINTS (One Week, Penthouse, Cancun Resort in Las Vegas)

98 POINTS (One Week, Junior Villa, Tahoe Seasons Resort during Prime Season)

8 Points (A One Day stay on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in a Junior Villa during High Season at the Cedar Breaks Lodge & Spa)

599 POINTS (One Week, Ocean View, Grand Penthouse, Cabo Azul Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

133 POINTS (One Week, Garden View, Grand One Bedroom, Cabo Azul Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

For a complete Points Chart please contact us: . We would be happy to send you one.

As an MGV Owner, you also have access to Monarch Escape Time. This allows you stay at Monarch Resorts at preferred rates without using any Points. You can use the Escape time as much as you like, within the limitation of a maximum stay of 4 days.

Day Use is the ability to use the facilities (swimming pool, owners lounge, etc.) at a Monarch Resort from dawn to dusk without charge. It is unlimited.

Monarch Grand Vacations is an Ownership into perpetuity with the right to sell, rent out your time, gift, or leave to loved one in a will or trust.

MGV is affiliated with Interval International, a trading company. This allows you to trade your time at a Monarch resort for other resorts in Interval International. Trades are done in weekly chunks. So, you must be able to book a week at one of the Monarch resorts in order to trade.

What is Pacific Monarch Resorts?

Pacific Monarch Resorts is the developer and marketer of MGV. The company purchases and develops vacation properties and deeds them, debt free, to MGV, a nonprofit mutual benefit entity that owns, operates and maintains the resorts. In exchange, Pacific Monarch Resorts maintains the exclusive rights to market and sell MGV vacation ownerships. The company’s resort network, MGV, is innovative in two ways: it allows you to decide when, where and how you spend your vacation and it offers a range of drive-to locations so you spend less time getting to your destination and more time on vacation. 

How is MGV vacation ownership different than a typical timeshare program?

MGV is a Points-based resort system that allows you to vacation where, when and how long you want. In contrast, a typical timeshare program requires you purchase a specific unit in a specific resort for a specific period each year. With MGV, you have maximum flexibility. Other “point-based” systems promoted by Shell Vacations Club, Disney Vacation Club and Marriott Vacation Club, among others, are based on the traditional timeshare model. You must still purchase a specific unit in a specific resort for a specific period each year—usually a week. That week is then converted to points to facilitate trades for time at other resorts. MGV ownership, however, isn’t tied to a specific size unit or resort. You can use your vacation Points at any properties in the MGV network. And, if you choose, you can join an external exchange company like Interval International (II) to expand your vacation options around the world. Moreover, you can be assured Pacific Monarch Resorts and MGV will be around for a long time to come. 

What is an MGV Point?

Vacation Points are used like currency. To become a MGV owner, you purchase vacation Points. Each MGV resort condominium has a Point value that translates into the ‘price’ per night. The number of vacation Points needed is determined by the location of the resort condominium, the size of the unit, the time of year, the day of the week and the total length of your stay. Vacation Points are renewed every two years on the anniversary of your original purchase month. So if you purchased 310 Points in June, every other June, 310 new vacation Points will be deposited into your account. Your vacation Points can be redeemed for stays at MGV resorts, exchange resorts, or other vacation opportunities offered by MGV. 

What if I can’t use all my vacation Points?

The Points do expire every two years. There is no borrowing or saving of Points. The logic is that two years gives an owner ample opportunity to use their Points. One option, to extend the life of your Points, is to book a week in any MGV resort (well before the points expire), then “space bank” that week with Interval International. Space Banking reserves a week in the Interval Network and you have up to two years to decide where you want to go. 

Can my family and friends use my vacation Points?

Absolutely. You can send whomever you want—friends, family and business associates—on vacation using your vacation Points. 

Can I rent or sell my vacation Points?

Your vacation Points are yours, and fully transferable. You can rent, sell, or will your Points to anyone you choose. 

What are exchanges?

An exchange occurs when you use your MGV vacation Points for a resort vacation outside the MGV network. Exchanges are made through Interval International (II). 

Will my new Ownership purchased through Happy Owners, Inc. be any different than the one offered by Pacific Monarch Resorts®?

No. We only resell Platinum Ownership contracts, all include Monarch Escape Time, Perpetual Ownership, Day Use, plus all New Resorts added to MGV® in the future. 

Are there any hidden risks involved when purchasing a MGV Ownership that has been previously owned?

No. MGV is a wonderful company with friendly service. The transfer agent at MGV will not complete the transfer unless everything is in order, ensuring the security of both the seller and buyer. 

How long does it take to complete the process of buying or selling?

Generally 2 weeks. There are options to speed up the process if necessary. However, most people are comfortable with the normal process. 

What are the finance options?

Please see our financing link. 

If my new ownership includes 266 Points, can I increase the Point level?

Yes. You can actually buy an additional Ownership contract and combine the two. 

Can the Annual Maintenance Fees (dues) increase?

Yes. Any change must be approved by the Association. The Association is a Board which oversees MGV in a way similar to a Condominium Association. The Board members are not paid and are elected to their positions. As an Owner, each Point gives you one vote. As of November 1, 2007, maintenance fees are calculated as such: $2.95 per Point Owned paid annually with an option to pay quarterly. So, if you Owned 155 Points, your Annual Maintenance would be 155 X $2.95 = $457.25 per year. 

What do I need to know about Monarch Escape Time?

You can use 1-4 days per week, 52 weeks per year. On Weekends, you must book a two night minimum stay. 

Who is Interval International?

They are the current agency MGV® is utilizing to offer their owners the ability to trade a week of Points for a week of vacation at any timeshare listed in the Interval Catalog. 

What are Available Points?

When you purchase a MGV® Ownership contract from a previous owner, there are often unused Points leftover. You inherit all unused Points or reservations. 

Can I rent a vacation with MGV through Happy Owners?

No.  At this time Happy Owners is not handling rentals. 

As an Owner, can I rent my MGV vacation time through Happy Owners?

No.  At this time Happy Owners is not handling rentals.